Are you relocating? : Consider these Essentials

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Moving house is something that most of us have to do several times. So it’s important that we make these occasions as stress free and easy as possible.

There are many things that most people should do well in advance of moving house rather than pushing it to last minute. This handy checklist of things you need to do before you relocate can be helpful.

Connect Internet Services

This has to be done at least three weeks before you move. Internet service providers are often booked weeks in advance. A new house without internet can be very frustrating and inconvenient.

Disconnect the Energy of the Previous House

When you move house, you need to disconnect the energy in the previous tenants’ name and reconnect it in your own name. It’s important to do this just before you move so that the previous tenants won’t be charged for your energy usage and vice versa.

What will Children & Pets do on this day?

Think about well in advance about what young children and pets will do on the day. It can be useful to ask a friend or family member to help out so that you can focus on facilitating the move.

Spread your new Contact Information

It’s very important to update your friends and relatives with new contact information. Send around a text message or email notifying people of your new address and phone number so the important people in your life can contact you when you start living at your new residence.

Change your address everywhere

It’s best to change your address as early possible, by notifying the post office immediately of your new address. You also need to contact businesses and government bodies individually and promptly to make sure your mail is going to the correct place.

Your house & contents should be insured

When moving to a new house contact your insurance provider to make sure you’re covered for the duration of the move. Your current home insurance policy should cease the day after you’ve moved out and your next insurance policy should start the day before you move. That way you’re totally covered on the day of the move when you technically aren’t living anywhere.

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