How and Where to Choose Moving Supplies? – Infographic

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The infographic titled, “From Where to Choose Moving Supplies. NYC?” describes from where and how to choose moving supplies in NYC. Redline movers is one of the most popular source to get moving supplies in NYC. They also provide reusable moving kits. When talking about plastic moving bins, you may require approx. 20 bins for studio, 30 bins for 1 bedroom, 40 bins for 2 bedroom, 55 bins for 3 bedroom and 75 bins for 4 bedrooms.

When it comes to choosing boxes, consider choosing a box of 17’’ length, 12.5’’ width and 12.5’’ height for book record. For utility/electronic medium/electronic large, consider choosing a box of 20’’/24’’/36’’ length, 20’’/18’’/18’’ width and, 13’’/16’’/18’’ height. Similarly, choose a T.V. box of 27’’ length, 25’’ width and 25’’ height.

Other packaging material that you may require to pack your belongings before or during moving include packing paper, protective bubble wrap, stretch wrap, packing tape, mattress cover kit, paper moving pads, tape and dispenser kit and accessory kit. For further details about choosing the right moving supplies, please refer the given infographic.

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