Four Key Stages of Moving an Office

office photo

An office relocation is a major undertaking for a business that needs to be planned properly. But planning an office move can be a daunting task, and it can become quite challenging for a business owner to understand what to do and when! Here are four key stages of office relocation that can help you move your office efficiently, on budget and within time.

  • Assess your moving needs: Assess both short-term and long-term needs of your company to prepare a moving plan. Gather all relevant details about your exiting office premise such as notice period, current obligations, leases, and liabilities. Search for a new location that meets your operational requirements and budget. Start the planning process as early as possible to achieve a smooth transition.
  • Consult a commercial moving company: An office move is successful only when you hire a commercial mover. A commercial moving company has the required expertise and trained professionals to move your high-tech office equipment and furniture safely.
  • Discuss all moving issues with the mover: Working with the right moving company is incredibly important for you to save money in the long run. Invite your mover to conduct a survey of your existing and new office. This will give an opportunity to the mover to understand your operation and moving needs. Discuss the moving time, budget, and other issues with the mover before signing a contract. Confirm your move date in advance with the mover.
  • Actual move: With right planning and right moving company, the process of moving your belongings to new location will become much easier on the day of the move.

Ask your Manhattan mover to conduct your office move after business hours or during weekends. This way, your office relocation will have a greater chance of being achieved on time, without any disruption to business operations