How to find A Trustworthy Moving Company?

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Moving your office in New York is undoubtedly a major event as you would be packing all your business assets and will be putting all your trust in a moving company to move your stuff to the new location. The experience can be pricey, rattling, exhausting and thrilling as well. For your help, the key to track and hire the right moving company is only- research, research & lots of research!

If you’re not sure where to start your research, we will like to make it very clear that a ‘cold’ internet research can be the worst start for this procedure.  While there are a lot of reputable companies present on the internet, try to avoid using your computer in the beginning as much as possible because mostly all the victims of moving fraud were trapped-in due to the fake information updated on the forged companies’ websites and most definitely you don’t want to be their next victim.

The internet can come handy later on to do the final research, once you’ve the shortlisted data. Make a list of the moving companies you want to continue with and ask them individually to visit your house for an in-house estimate. Once you’re armed with the first-hand information and have got the estimate & pricing, it’s time to go back to the internet.

Call the customers or the referrals you’ve got from all the companies to find out what their moving experience was like. Also, don’t forget to use the DOT number as your ammunition to check the company’s record and to confirm if they’re licensed to transport your belongings to get that final sense of assurance.