How to Identify Fraudulent Moving Companies? [Infographic]

identify fraudulent infographic

Choosing the right moving company is one of the most significant factors that can make your move convenient and hassle-free. In recent years, the number of moving companies offering residential and commercial moving services has increased significantly. However, not all of these companies offer quality services to the customers. Therefore, as a customer, you should be able to distinguish between a good and a bad moving company.

Identifying a fraudulent moving company is not a difficult task. The fraudulent moving companies are unprofessional in their attitude. Not performing an in-house survey, not providing an inner estimate, not having a transport license and not offering insurance protection are some of the things that most fraudulent moving companies have in common. Checking out the reviews of these companies will also give you an idea about the competency of a moving company. The below Infographic will provide you more information on how to identify fraudulent moving companies.

identify fraudulent moving companies infographic