How to Move A Refrigerator ?

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Moving a refrigerator can be difficult, but if you equip yourself with the right moving supplies and you get help of a professional moving company in New York City, you can move your refrigerator easily.

  • Before you start moving the refrigerator, get the essential supplies. You would need a furniture dolly big enough to support the weight of your refrigerator, moving straps, rope, moving blankets, cleaning supplies, packing tape, scissors, marker, and labels.

  • Now start clearing out the contents of your refrigerator. Give away perishable items and pack those items that you would be using in the future. It is advisable to pack only sealed bottles and cans to prevent spills and leaks. Throw away items that are close to expiry or are half consumed.

  • Remove the shelves and other loose items. It is better to tape the fridge drawers or remove them. Use blankets or padding or towels to wrap the shelves. This helps protect them from bumps while moving. Label the shelves appropriately.

  • Use a strong rope to tie the refrigerator door. In case of double door refrigerator, tie both the doors tightly together. It is not advisable to use the tape since it can spoil the paint surface of the refrigerator.

  • For positioning the fridge on the dolly, slide the refrigerator away from the wall and slide the dolly underneath. You may use moving straps to tie the fridge to the moving dolly.

  • Once the refrigerator is in place, with one person at the front and one at the back, tip the refrigerator back.

  • Move the refrigerator down the steps slowly and carefully, bottom first. Move the dolly down, one step at a time. Keep the refrigerator in upright position in the moving truck as it prevents oil from sweeping into the cooling tubes.

  • Read the moving instructions in the manual to avoid any potential damage.

It is always better to call a moving company in New York City since they are knowledgeable and experienced and can move your refrigerator and other appliances safely.