How to Pack Fragile Items When Moving?

box photo

If you are moving, use the tips and suggestions shared below to pack your fragile items in the correct manner and keep them safe.

Pack the plates vertically in small to medium sized boxes lined with crumbled paper on the top, as well as on the bottom. Wrap each plate in the bubble wrap and secure it with a tape. Put paper in between the standing plates.

Wrap each glass individually with a packing paper and place the crumbled paper inside the large items to reduce the empty space. Make use of paper to layer spaces around the glasses. Place the heaviest item on the bottom of the box and lighter ones on the top.

Box the lamp shades separately with lots of paper. Put the bases in a large box and make use of bubble wrap to enhance the safety of delicate and expensive lamp shades.

For picture frames, make use of small to medium sized boxes. First wrap the frames in packing paper and then top the frames with more packing paper to ensure that the items do not move around in the box. If the pictures are over 3 feet in size make use of blankets to secure them.

A lot of people make use of towels, bedsheets, blankets, newsprint, and paper towels to wrap your fragile items. Avoid doing it as this is not the safe and your expensive fragile items can easily break. Newsprint’s can leave the stains on glass and china items. Old towels slip easily and can’t be secured with a tape. Paper towels are not strong and reliable either.

You must invest in the right packing tools and essentials if you want to keep your expensive and rare glass and china items safe and secure while moving.

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