How to Pick a Reputable Moving Company?

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Moving to a new city is never an easy job. Knowing how to pick a reputable moving company is essential to keep your items safe as well as move within your budget. You even run the risk of potentially huge financial liabilities if you hire an uninsured mover and they get injured on the job. You can follow the below mentioned tips to know how to pick a good moving company.

Book the moving in Advance – Especially in Summer

Do not run the risk that all the moving companies in your area will be booked when you need them.  You should book your move at least a month in advance- especially in the summer months when moving activity is at its peak.

Understand the Costs Involved

Understanding how your moving costs are being calculated is important to understand whether or not you are getting a fair deal, or if a company might be trying to sneak in unmentioned costs at the last minute. Did the moving company provide you with a binding quote or a non-binding quote?   A binding quote limits the maximum amount that you can be charge to the amount of the quote, whereas you may be a fee in excess of a non-binding quote.

Check Insurance and liability amount for damaged or lost items

By law, moving companies are required to assume a minimum amount of liability for damaged or lost items.  The terms of this liability are limited, for instance, a moving company is not liable for any items that you pack yourself, nor is it liable for any item not on the inventory list (Make sure all of your items are on the inventory list!).

Make sure that you understand what the estimated value of your items is and how much the moving company may be liable for and make sure that both of these figures are listed in the bill of lading and that you agree with them.

Beware of Low-bids

Some moving companies have been known to quote customers very low bids, only to tack on additional fees at the last minute when there is little choice but to pay them. You should be very suspicious of a quote that is significantly below others that you have received. In order to avoid being taken for a ride, you should ask about any potential extra fees that could possibly be applied by any commercial relocation company in NYC.