Moving Tips: Know How to Pack Breakables Rightly

dishpack china photo

Are you scared of losing your favourite crockery, antiques or glass showpieces while moving? Relax! Using the below mentioned relocating tips will ease your concerns about moving your breakables.

Use strong dish barrels
They are made of stronger and thicker cardboard to absorb travel shock and protect your dishes. Although the name comes from wooden barrels which were used to ship china overseas, moving companies carry a supply of the cardboard alternatives. They cost a little more than regular moving boxes but are worth it.

Set up the boxes properly and tape the bottoms correctly
Use only strong, wide packing tape and not masking or duct tape. A tape gun or applicator will make this job easier and with a little practice, you’ll find them easy to set up. Always draw tape across the bottom and up the sides about one-third of the way. Additional tape is needed to secure ends and keep the container square while taping.

Use newsprint for packing breakables
Packing fragile items in newsprint secures them. But each piece will require washing when you unpack. Set up a stack of paper on a table and with your carton handy, you’re ready to start packing.

Get the whole family involved
Children above 7 years old can help with packing even breakable items, if trained properly. This sets the stage for the adventure of moving and makes them feel helpful and needed.

The right kind of box for packing china, glassware and breakables ensures a safe move of your precious items. Yes, any kind of box will do when that’s all you have – just use more packing material for thinner boxes. If you can get them, boxes built for moving china and dishes are the best for breakables