Some Valuable Tips For Packing And Moving A Kitchen

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Packing and moving a kitchen is not easy. Since there are so many small and large items in the kitchen like pans, pots, cutlery, utensils, dishes, appliances, and chairs, packing a kitchen takes a lot of time and effort. Here are some valuable tips for packing and moving a kitchen that would make the whole task lot easier for you.

Before you start packing, get yourself the right packing tools and supplies. Get small and medium sized boxes, bubble wrap, dark colored markers, packing tape, and marking labels.

Start with the kitchen appliances first. Dissemble the mounted items as stated in the user manual and then put them back in their original boxes. You can also use moving boxes that you have got specifically for moving the kitchen appliances. Empty the fridge of all the contents. Tape the doors properly and wrap the fridge with a bubble wrap or a blanket to prevent any scratches and other damaged while moving. If there are any heavy electronics it is advisable to hire a professional moving company in NYC.

When packing small items in the kitchen, pack the heaviest items at the bottom. Pack pots and pans first and put the biggest ones in first. Pack them together with their lids so that you don’t waste your time finding them later when you reach your new home.

Put the breakable items like cups, plates, and dishes at the top to prevent them breaking while moving. Wrap each cup and dish separately. Fill in the empty space with crumbled paper to provide cushioning to the cups and dishes. You can also put bubble wrap inside the corners of the boxes for the same purpose.

Mark each box with a dark colored marker. On the top of the box write what it contains. This will help you and the professional moving company NYC recognize what is there inside each box. Write HANDLE WITH CARE or FRAGILE on top and sides of the moving boxes to help the person who is moving the boxes know that has to be extra careful in moving these boxes.